Giving Mums a Postnatal Toolkit !

Mums, do you have a postnatal toolkit ?

Being a Mum is rewarding, exhausting, special and tough to say the least. We've so many things to consider and repairing or healing your postnatal body is often not it. Yet the pressure remains to 'lose the baby weight' or 'get back in shape'.

The information we are given post delivery is minimal to say the least and misses fundamental and essential information you need to heal your body.


I'm Helen, the founder of Good for Mums.

Birthing my son, left me with a body I needed to heal, complications I was not expecting and frustrated I could no longer exercise the way I used to. It left me asking questions...

  • Why aren't we warned about the reality of postnatal lady bits?
  • Why do we assume we can simply return to an active lifestyle and exercise after our six week check?
  • Why are we not given a postnatal toolkit which helps our bodies to move and mend with modern life in mind?

I've combined my knowledge of Body Work, Holistic Therapy and Women's Fitness to provide a service to Mums and give you that toolkit.

Ladies, do something good for you with Good for Mums.

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