Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a specialist buggy or equipment for Buggyfit?

No, Buggyfit classes run in parks which have paths or pavements so any buggy or stroller should be suitable. I ask that you bring an exercise mat, towel or picnic blanket to class with you for floor exercises, you may not need this every week but it is helpful if you get into the habit of bringing it.

I am worried I’ve left exercising too late following the birth of my baby.

It’s never too late to start exercising! Whether your baby is 6 weeks, 6 months or 36 months it doesn’t matter. However, exercise may not be the right first step and thats why I ask all ladies to complete a detailed health screening form BEFORE coming to any classes.

For ladies who would like one, a postnatal consultation is available which offers an in-depth assessment so you can make sure that exercise is right for your body. If it’s not, thats ok, I offer specialist courses designed with postnatal healing in mind.

I’ve never been to any kind of fitness class!

Thats ok ! You don’t need to have any exercise experience to join Good for Mums classes. If you’re looking to join Buggyfit or the Good for Mums Postnatal Fitness classes you will need to have had your six week GP check, be more than 6 weeks post vaginal delivery, more than 12 weeks post c-section birth and completed your health screening form BEFORE coming to classes.

What kind of exercise does the class involve?

A mixture of low impact cardio, strength, resistance and toning exercises are performed during classes. Mums are NOT asked to run with their buggies during classes. Recovered mums can run intervals should they wish but this is not included in every class. Common exercises performed during class include squats, lunges, resistance band work and much more.

I’m worried my baby may cry or get upset during Buggyfit classes.

Buggyfit classes are rarely a quiet affair, if its not babies and toddlers making noises its the mums having a giggle while working out. Its absolutely fine to tend to your baby’s needs and step aside to comfort them as and when you feel you need to. Often the little ones enjoy the warm up walk so much they fall asleep which frees you up to workout.

What if my baby needs to be fed during a Buggyfit class?

No problem at all, babies all have different routines and you are welcome to tend to your baby’s needs including nappy changes, feeds and soothing them. I recommend bringing a change bag, snacks for toddlers and milk for your baby. If you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, and need to sit to feed your baby, just let me know and I will move the class to an appropriate spot carryout exercises while you nurse your baby. However, due to working outside, this is most likely to be a park bench rather than a fully facilitated change/nursing room.

What should I wear and bring to classes?

Buggyfit classes happen in all weathers so, during the winter lots of layers with a hat and gloves which can be easily removed as you warm up. Comfortable clothing such as leggings or tracksuit bottoms and appropriate footwear, trainers or walking shoes are ideal.

If you are breastfeeding it might be difficult to get a well fitting sports bra so I recommend wearing two nursing bras, this should provide you with support but also enables access if you need to nurse your baby. As exercise stimulates feel good hormones, it can sometimes encourage your breasts to let down a small amount of milk, for your own comfort its advisable to double up on pads.

When attending indoor classes, I advise the usual work out bottoms and a top and a good supportive bra. In the summer months the halls can be quite warm and during the winter I recommend bringing a hoody or sweater to pop on after your class. Bring plenty of water and an exercise mat.

Fit-Tums courses are barefoot and comfortable clothing is best. Most ladies wear leggings and a fitted t-shirt. Please remember to bring your resistance band with you for each session.

I’d like an appointment for Massage or a Postnatal Consultation but none of your slots work for me.

No problem, contact me via message or email and let me know what works best for you, if I can accommodate you I will. If I am unable to help, I do know a range of practitioners who may be able to help you.

How do I join a class?

You can book into sessions via Gymcatch by searching for the fitness provider ‘Good For Mums’, contact me via email or the facebook page. A variety of payment options are available and are all shown here.

Privacy Policy

Good For Mums is committed to protecting your privacy and complies with GDPR and is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) ZA289532.

I am aware that occasionally trainer may take photos/videos during the classes and I understand that they may be used on social media unless I ask the trainer not to include me in any images. Images of children are sometimes captured during classes, these will not be shared on social media without the permission of the parent.

I understand that by completing a PAR-Q my email address is added to the Good for Mums mailing list. However, the email address is only used to contact you regarding relevant information and is not used for marketing or shared with any third parties. You can unsubscribe at ANY time from the mailing list by clicking the unsubscribe link on the emails or by asking Good for Mums to remove you from the list.

Personal data within health screening is secured safely and only information which is relevant is collected. In line with HMRC, The ICO and The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) guidelines, I am obliged to securely retain this data for a period of 7 years from the date of the form.

Cancellation Policy

Good for Mums offers no refunds for classes cancelled with less than 2 hours written notice.

Classes must be booked into via Gymcatch, if you are unable to attend, please cancel your session in Gymcatch. If you are unable to cancel in Gymcatch due to a technical error, please message me via whatsapp, text, facebook messenger or email to say you cannot attend.

Provided you contact more than 2 hours before the start of the class, the session will be credited to your Gymcatch account. If you have paid for one off session outside of Gymcatch, provided more than two hours notice of your cancellation you can carry the session over to any class available within 2 weeks.

Passes are valid from the date of purchase and have an expiry date shown in Gymcatch. Any sessions remaining after expiry will not be refunded or transferred to another pass or customer.

Holistic Therapies and appointments require a deposit or the full balance to be paid to secure the booking. 48 hours notice is required for a customer to rearrange a booked session. Refunds will not be issued for appointment cancellation, a change of mind, or non-attendance.

Health screening MUST be completed before a Postnatal Consultation appointment. Failure to complete the form leaves me (the instructor) without full address and contact details for you (the client) and therefore an appointment cannot go ahead. No refunds will be provided in instances such as this.

If a Fitness class is cancelled by me (the instructor) the session will be credited back to your Gymcatch class pass. If you are a customer attending for the first time, you are in this instance entitled to either a full refund or a credit to use the session at any available class in the following two weeks.

If an appointment is cancelled by me (the instructor/therapist) you (the customer) are entitled to a full refund of the amount paid or a credit to use at a rebooked appointment for the same value.