Postnatal fitness classes are offered to ladies who have completed their health screening form and are considered safe to resume exercise. They focus on movement, strengthening, toning, repairing and getting a bit sweaty on top.

When you have a baby, muscles and tissues soften. Hormones responsible for keeping those tissues and ligaments soft continue to float around in your body for months after you have given birth. Your posture changes, you get less sleep, as mums we often eat on the run and never get a hot cuppa but we always find ourselves having to move around.

Whether its taking a basket of wet washing outside to hang out, carrying a car seat on one arm with a baby in it, lifting a pushchair into the boot of your car or rolling out of bed for the 8th time that night to feed the baby, we all move. But when you've recently had a baby its even more important to do it safely.

HiiTFix is an evening class which welcomes postnatal mums to enjoy fitness in a safe but functional way. I coach the class using a variety of methods to get you exercising but moving as a mum does. So you are strong lifting the buggy into your car, protecting your pelvic floor muscles when carrying babies and squatting or lunging to pick up the toddlers toys.

Some of the more common words used to describe the exercise styles included in my classes are; circuit, bodyweight, hypopressive, relaxing, HiiT but the LiiT equivalent, toning, agility, repair, strengthening, resistance bands, breath-work and tebata.

The classes are ladies only and welcome all abilities and fitness levels. You work at your own pace and adaptations are provided throughout the class so you know you are working out and moving safely. This class works as a great alternative or addition to Buggyfit and builds a strong foundation within your body so that when you are ready to resume higher impacted exercise, you're starting from the best possible place. Book in now!