Giving Back

Charities are an integral part of every local community and you never know when you may need their help. Even the smallest donations can make a big difference.

‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ Aristotle

So what do i do as a person? Little things. Whenever i take part in sporting events like the Basingstoke Half Marathon, The Great South Run or the Macmillan All Out Swim, i do so trying to raise money for charity. I usually take part in a couple of arranged events per year, personally i enjoy having something to work towards but moreover, i love knowing that i am making a difference.

I regularly give blood. I’m a rare blood group and have seen my donation bag being clipped and labelled ‘Paediatric Plasma, Derriford” while blood is still leaving my body ! I’m a registered organ donor and so are my children. I made the decision that if something good can come out of something tragic like that, it has to be better than nothing.

My pooch, the pain in the bottom that she is, is a rescue dog. I’ve always had rescue dogs as part of our family.

Before my business, i founded a local running group. Basingstoke Running Mummies has a social facebook group which gives mums a chance to meet other ladies who run. Regular runners amongst us run together usually once per week and others us the group to find another lady to run with. As a business Good for Mums continues to support this group, offering free Couch to 5km courses to ladies who like to take part.

Good for Mums has hosted walks to raise money for charity, put on Baby First Aid workshops free of charge, run a Box2Beat Cancer event and has even joined in with fun activities for children like ‘Basingstones‘.

All these things are little but they add up and make a difference to someone or something somewhere !