Free First Aid for Mums

One of the most worrying things for some mums is 'what do i do if my baby chokes, stops breathing, cuts themselves badly, or gets burnt'.

I know first hand how frightening and helpless you feel when your child chokes and because of this, its important to me that as many mums as possible know what to do should this happen to them.

One of our lovely Good for Mums members is a Doctor. She kindly donates us a morning of her time, free of charge, a few times a year. Offering emergency first aid training and a Q&A session in exchange for baby items such a nappies, clothing, food and wipes which are then donated to the Baby Bank in Windsor.

Our last Baby First Aid session saw over 15 mums learn essential skills and gain the confidence to cope should an emergency occur and we restocked the baby bank full of nappies, wipes and food.

If you haven't been lucky enough to come along to one of our Baby First Aid sessions yet and don't want to wait for the next one, please look at the advice freely available from St Johns Ambulance.