Body Massage

Body Massage is used to help with a variety of conditions and ailments. Most commonly it is known for helping a person feel relaxed, decrease stress, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, remove/decrease pain, relax muscles, tendons and other soft tissues and improve posture.

Its well known that a person suffering from stress is more likely to suffer from coughs, colds and general illnesses than those who are more relaxed. As such, regular massage is also considered something which is able to improve your immune system and could help to prevent some stress induced diseases.

A traditional Swedish body massage incorporates strokes to the skin which vary in speed and pressure. Some movements are slow and firm while others are faster with a lighter pressure designed to warm up the tissues before applying more pressure.

I use a combination of traditional Swedish Body Massage techniques and incorporate advanced massage methods such as hands free massage, nerve strokes, friction, drainage, vibration, release and tapotement.

The entire body can be massaged including the feet, legs, arms, abdomen, shoulders, neck, face, hands, back and buttocks. If there are any areas of your body you do not wish to be touched, please tell me on your consultation form and I will omit them from the treatment.

Breast massage can also be included in a therapeutic massage if requested however, this is not advised if a client is breastfeeding or is suffering from certain breast conditions.

Carrier oils are used as a massage medium, essential oils are used when you book an Aromatherapy treatment.