Holistic C-Section Recovery

This service combines massage, movement and specialist scar work which is focused on releasing the c section scar and surrounding tissues.

Ladies who have birthed by C-Section may notice the area above their scar feels numb, disconnected, tingly, like it's not part of them. This is because all the connective tissues have been separated and like any wound you can't see what is happening with the healing underneath. Scar tissues heal randomly and often there is more to healing tissue that what we can see. This treatment goes deeper and offers a holistic approach to recovery from a C-Section.

Some therapists suggest that it takes up to 2 years for the tissues moved and cut in a c-section to fully repair! Massage can encourage blood flow to the area, releases stuck tissues which can improve limited movement, can break down scar tissues making it feel less rope-like and improve the scar's overall appearance. In addition, the nerves which have been disconnected begin to regrow and heal and sensation returns to the numb areas.

The appointment includes, an in-depth postnatal assessment, breathing assessment, therapeutic body and scar massage using essential oils or massage waxes and release strategies.  Some self massage techniques are demonstrated to enable you to continue to work on your scar and surrounding tissues yourself. Methods to help improve breathing technique are also a fundamental part of this treatment and depending on your overall core function, the Hypopressive method may be recommended to facilitate your healing.

The areas of the body which are massaged include the upper chest, the neck, the shoulders, the upper and lower back, the abdomen, the hips, the pubic mound (where appropriate), on or near the c section scar, the upper legs (front and back) the buttocks and the rib cage and the diaphragm.

These treatments are as individual as you and we go at your pace. There is no need to shave your pubic area prior to your appointment unless you want to.  Work on or around the scar can be carried out directly on the skin, through the sheet or underwear and when you are ready. Some ladies need time and a gradual approach to scar work, some are happy to work on the scar itself immediately, both and all in-between are fine and fully catered for.

These treatments will require some home work, continuing what I show you in order to help your body to heal. While you should feel some immediate relief from your initial session,  my experience shows ladies who have around three sessions get the best long term results.

Sessions are in your own home and can be with or without baby. Ideally a friend or family member will be present to offer cuddles to baby to enable you time to focus on your healing. Ladies you must be at least twelve weeks post surgery and your scar must be healed before any work can be carried out on the actual scar. However, we can work on other areas of your body and i can teach you some self care strategies should you wish to begin your treatments sooner.