Hypopressive exercise was originally created by Marcel Caufriez as a breathing technique to be used by clinicians working with women who were experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and/or prolapse.

Hypopressive training has developed and and is now widely being used by both men and women of all ages all over the world. Traditional approaches to pelvic health and core exercise focued training one segment of the core at a time but the Hypopressive method works on entire core, pelvic floor and global posture of the body.

The term ‘Hypo'-pressive’ refers to a decrease or reduction in pressure. This form of exercise reduces pressure to the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities, where traditional exercises, abdominal training, gravity, as well as the day to day activities are considered 'Hyper'-pressive – they increase intra-abdominal pressure.

The Hypopressive method is a safe and effective way to train those muscles needed to withstand problematic pressure that can result from our everyday living or exercise and allow us to safely and confidently continue doing the activities.

Together with Hypo-Tone UK I run works shops for women designed to teach you the fundamentals of this method and enable you to continue to practice at home following a beginners programme. Once you've completed this you are invited to continue to practice and develop this method either at classes run by Good for Mums, with individual coaching or by taking part in Hypo-Tone UK's monthly programme.

Images from Good for Mums, Mamas En Forma and Hypo-Tone UK