New Mum Massage

This treatment aims to relieve all of those new mum aches, pains and discomfort associated with the aftermath of pregnancy, birth, feeding and rushing around after small children.

Some muscles remain shortened and stiff while others elongated and allowing the body to stay out of optimal alignment. If you're not standing tall, moving smoothly from a to b or perhaps everything is just feeling a bit 'stuck' then this is the massage for you. I use a blend of essential and carrier oils designed to relax tired muscles, nourish the skin and leave your body feeling soothed and your mind calm.

Coaching to help you reconnect with your core and pelvic floor is included in this treatment, working from how you breath, to what you feel and how you move day by day.

The areas of the body commonly worked during this treatment include the upper and lower back, the neck, the upper chest, the hips, the abdomen, the upper legs (front and back), the pubic mound (where appropriate), the ribcage, the diaphragm and the buttocks. A mixture of pressures are applied, vibrations, release strategies including some deep tissue work and stretches to mobilise and free tissue. If you birthed by c-section you may prefer an alternative treatment I offer.

Breathing assessment and strategies improve your breathing mechanics are also a fundamental part of this treatment. Depending on your overall core function, the Hypopressive Method may be suggested to help your body heal.

Once the massage has ended we together evaluate the outcome to determine if the pain has subsided, lessened, mobility increased, etc and discuss if you require a continued course of therapy. In my experience, ladies get relief from one session but usually two to three sessions usually bring about the best long term results. There are some elements of 'home work' with these treatments which help your body continue to recover in-between sessions.

Sessions are in your own home and can be with or without baby. Ideally, a family member or friend will be present to cuddle baby to allow you time to focus on your postnatal healing. Ladies are welcome to book this treatment as soon as they have stopped bleeding post-partum.